Weight Loss Challenge

 This challenge is available to women who have at least 25lbs of weight to lose and are highly motivated to lose the weight in only 6 weeks.  We are using a new motivational program to help keep all participants on track with their weight loss goals.  The program includes access to all of our weight loss classes and a 6 week nutrition plan.  Since space is limited, we ask everyone to read through the full program to ensure this is right for you. We use a better type of training to burn more calories, and a nutrient dense diet plan to further your weight loss. The program consist of 6 milestones over the course of the 6 weeks to keep you on track. Our goal is to get you to all 6 milestones in the 6 weeks. We have an expert staff built to keep you progressing with your weight loss.

The Program:
Each participant will be assigned into a group for the pre challenge measurements and to go over the nutrition plan, get starting measurement and milestones.  Each participant will make a $300 deposit to First Class Fitness for the weight loss challenge.  During the program, 6 milestone are presented. Every time a participant reaches a milestone they win money!
The Milestones:
Each milestone has a cash value of $50

Come to 3 classes a week for all 6 weeks (18 classes)                                              Win $50

Get to an extra class each week for 6 weeks (24 classes)                                        Win $50

Post twice a week about weight loss journey for 6 weeks (12 post)                      Win $50

Lose 20 inches or more in the 6 weeks (4 site measurement test)                        Win $50

Lose 6% of your body weight in 6 weeks                                                                     Win $50

Lose 10% of your body weight in 6 weeks                                                                   Win $50

Participant receives money for all of the milestones reached up to $300 in the 6 weeks.

Now that you have seen the program, are you ready to lose the weight? This program is highly successful for people who have tried different programs with little to no success. We are here to make weight loss an easy transition. Our nutrition program is built to ease you into good eating habits. Our fitness is developed to build off of your current fitness level. Even if you have never worked out, don't be afraid to give this program a try. We are paying you to stay on track! You have access to all of our great trainers and we are here to offer advice, push when you need to be pushed and listen too your needs. Weight loss does not have to be a challenge if you have the right team behind you and a great program to follow. So if you are ready get signed up below,
just put in your name and email. In subject line put "I'm Ready"
and in comments please leave your phone number. We will contact you to set up an appointment for your starting measurements.