Specialty Fitness Programs
  1. 6 Week Weight Loss Boot Camp
    Our 6 week weight loss camp is designed to give you a full body reset. We give you a full nutrition plan to help get your body in weight loss mode. You select the workout schedule that works best for you and your body. Contact us for information on our next weight loss camp.
  2. Sculpt Camp
    Sculpt Camp is a group class for women looking to define their muscle tone. We teach proper lifting technique to give you that physique you are looking for. This runs as a 6 week camp periodically throughout the year, so contact us for the next start date.
  3. Man Camp
    Man Camp is a Men's only class created to help men lose weight and strengthen their entire body. These classes run on an 8 week schedule throughout the year. Contact us to find out the next start date.
  4. Personal Training
    If you are looking for special attention then personal training is where its at. We take you through a personalized workout build on your goals and needs. Personal training is by appointment, so contact us to set up your first visit.
  5. Youth Strength and Conditioning
    We offer 8 week youth strength and conditioning classes to teach introductory lift technique and conditioning drills. This is perfect for your young athletes to gain an edge at an early age. Contact us for the next start date.
  6. Golf Fitness Training
    If you are looking to take your golf game to a whole new level then you might want to check out this program. We work on strength, flexibility and balance with activities specific to the golf swing. This is by appointment so contact us to set up your first visit.
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